At Home with Momma’s

Momma's BBQ Foor Review by Allison Myers for Share Louisville



The best way to describe the feeling I had after trying out Momma’s Mustard, Pickles and BBQ is at home. It has good home cooking that covers you with warmth and feeds your soul. 

When I’d heard that Momma’s had a second location open in the east end on Hurstbourne Parkway, I grabbed a couple of my girlfriends for a fun evening out eating BBQ and watching the World Cup. 

At first my GPS struggled to find the location as it wanted to take me the original Bauer Ave spot. So watch out for that. The new spot is in what looks like business offices or a strip mall. It doesn’t have the same charm and look as the cute house in St. Matthews.

Inside the owners have done a nice job of breaking up the space and making it look like a BBQ joint with the use of various wood colors and textures. Also, they have incorporated the local horse racing vibe with equestrian photos. There’s a separate bar area and several tables and booths for seating. 

I participially liked the many big screen TVs hanging throughout the space. It’s great for watching sporting event such as the World Cup. “USA! USA! USA!” We really did believe we could win. Oh well. 

Momma’s BBQ is Kansas City style – slow cooked and spiced rubbed. 

The pork ribs (half rack is $12) seemed a bit small to me and didn’t come with any sides. But the ribs literally fell off the bone when I picked them up. Admit it, ribs are luscious, but it’s the high bark to meat ratio that you crave. Bark is that brown crunchy, chewy-like crust that forms from the seasonings in the rub. These ribs hit it. Great bark and nice smokiness to the bone. That’s all without any sauce. 

The BBQ sauces were a mild that was a nice, sweet and tangy sauce or hot sauce that was my personal favorite. It had a good amount of heat to it that complemented all the various meats. 

Momma’s best deal is the slider sample ($10) includes a turkey, chicken, pork, sausage and brisket slider and two sides. If you’re visiting for the first time – you get to try out all the meats. Standouts were the turkey, chicken and pork. All were delicious and moist. The brisket was good but I wasn’t a fan of the sausage. The sausage seemed dry and the seasoning was off.

Momma's BBQ Burned Ends

Beef brisket is great, but burnt ends done right are lust worthy. Burnt ends are the flavorful trimmings from a smoked brisket. So we had to order the burnt ends ($10) with two sides. Surprisingly, it was more like brisket in cube form. I wished the burnt ends had more bark on them. Tasty nonetheless and really good when dipped in the hot BBQ sauce. 

The sides are where Momma’s really shines and make you feel like home. The mac and cheese makes my mouth water just thinking about it. It’s deliciously creamy and rich. The coleslaw is unique because it has dry rub in it making it a great compliment to the rest of the meal. Both the green beans and the baked beans remind me of home cooking. 

Don’t forget to order the sweet pickles and mustard. So good with a kick. There’s a reason the name is Momma’s Mustard, Pickles & BBQ. 

Next time – I must try their "World's Best" wings. They are dry rubbed and smoked for hours and friends tell me they are absolutely delectable. 

If you have room for dessert, I recommend the bread pudding ($3). It’s not Zanzabar’s famous bread pudding made of Nord’s bakery donuts but it’s quite satisfying for any sweet tooth. 

So stop by Momma’s if you are looking to get some good home cooking that warms your belly. 

Momma’s BBQ is located at 102 Bauer Ave, Louisville, KY 40207 502-938-MAMA and 119 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy., Louisville, KY 40222 502-290-7998.

Momma's BBQ interior