Louisville Pie Eating Contest @ Lucky's Market

Louisville Pie Eating Contest @ Lucky's Market - Share Louisville

By Rocko Jerome (@RockoJerome)

I am a ham. Never wasn't. Somewhere along the way from childhood to here, I developed enough self-awareness and empathy to curb my "look at me" instincts enough that I can carry on a conversation that's not entirely about me for hours (but certainly not days) and my love of good conversation keeps me from beating anyone over the head so that I can remain center stage at anyone's expense. I think. I don't know for sure. You should maybe ask my friends that question.

Anyway, I try to make sure everybody in a social situation has their time to get their shine in, but you can still see my base nature by just what I will agree to do, if it means that I get to perform for somebody. Karaoke? I'll meet you there and be there when you leave. Want me to do a reading at your wedding, give a speech about...anything? For anybody? You got it. Got a movie you're making? Look up "Rocko Jerome" on youtube- I dare you.

So when my fantastically patient bosses at Lucky's, where I play the role of "grocery clerk" 40 hours a week, asked me to host a Pie Eating Contest...well, saying "no" never even entered into my mind.

Join us at Lucky's Market at 200 North Hurstbourne at 1 PM this Saturday, as a bunch of Lucky's employees cram their faces into piles and piles of pies. I can promise you one thing: It will be memorable.