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Wandering the renovated streets of NuLu is one of my favorite things to do on the weekends. There are so many boutiques with a variety of items to keep you entertained for hours. One of my favorite boutiques is Revelry; part boutique, part gallery. Let’s call it a boutiquellery. 

This boutiquellery has a wide variety of jewelry, art, and home décor from local and a few national artists. My favorite item from Revelry is the Louisville grid jewelry; made by husband and wife, Lana and John Briscella. “They have a studio in Brooklyn which focuses on using emerging technology to design 21st century jewelry – like the grid necklace and earrings” said Revelry owner and operator Mo McKnight Howe.

Share Louisville Revelry Jewelry by Lana and John Briscella

The grids of Louisville are laser cut from stainless steel. The gold ones have been plated in 24karat gold. I personally wear the silver necklace daily and have gifted both necklaces and earrings to friends for their birthdays. My necklace was a gift to me on Valentine’s Day two years ago. Wearing my necklace reminds me of that day, the history of our city, and so many other memories I’ve had in Louisville. 

When I think of giving a gift to others I try to make it as personal as possible. These necklaces and earrings are unique and personal to anyone that lives here because we all share Louisville. Each of us has a portion of property in the spaces we call home; that makes it a sharable area by the division of property. We share stories with one another about things that have happened or are going to happen in Louisville by posting pictures and status updates to social media. By sharing or wearing either the necklace or earrings is a visualization of sharing Louisville with others.

Share the beauty. Share the love. Share Louisville. 

P.S. – The next time you’re at Revelry be sure to show some love to Major, the ambassador.

Major, Revelry mascot dog on Share Louisville