My Name is Emily and I'm a Cat Lady


Emily Fawbush Cat Lady Kentucky Humane Society


I spend a lot of my time working with various dog rescues and fostering dogs, but anyone that knows me (or at least follows my instagram) knows I am a cat lady.

It all started with an abandoned kitten that my roommate, Taylor, and I were fostering for a friend who found her in a parking lot and could not keep her. The unnamed kitten had a nice little setup in our bathroom. With two cats already in the house, Taylor and I were in agreement that this was a very temporary situation. 

One night out of nowhere my boyfriend at the time decided to end things. I very calmly walked into the bathroom, scooped the kitten off her makeshift bed, took her to my room and closed the door without saying a word. That was three years ago and she has slept in my bed every night since. 

When people come into the shelter looking to adopt a pet they tend to gravitate towards getting a dog because they are considered more loving, cuddly pets. This isn’t always the case. Take the kitten mentioned above, now named Fancy. If I am home, Fancy is always one step behind me. When I am in the shower she patiently waits on the sink for me to be done. Despite having a queen-sized bed, Fancy prefers to curl up on my face or chest to sleep. More than once I have woken up from a dream where I was having an asthma attack, but it was really just Fancy. I often wonder if I shouldn’t have kids because I am not sure I could ever love anything more than my stupid little cat.

Cats make great pets, especially for first time pet owners! Generally low maintenance pals that are a constant source of entertainment – as long as the litter box is kept empty and the food bowl is full. Shelters always have cats and kittens in stock but this time of year is that special time all shelter workers love to hate – KITTEN SEASON! By the end of this summer I will burst into tears at the sight of a cardboard box for fear that it will be full of abandoned kittens. To make room for all these kittens coming in we have to get some cats adopted.

Thanks to Best Friends Animal Society sponsoring an adoption special, The Kentucky Humane Society and Louisville Metro Animal Services (hey that’s me!) are offering a $9 adoption fee for any cat over 9 months old. This $9 fee covers the spay or neuter surgery, microchip, and all vaccines up-to-date for 1 year. Adopting Fancy has been the best decision I have ever made. 

All KHS and LMAS adoptable cats can be seen online at and

Or I recommend going to visit these little darlings in person at any of their multiple locations. As important as this is to me personally and all the homeless cats in shelters, I would like to end this by saying cat food and litter is not always on special and there are health issues that can arise at any time ... take for instance Taylor’s cat, Conan, who decided eating the plastic needles off the Christmas tree was a good idea. After a 3 a.m. trip to the animal emergency room and a couple hundred bucks later we were just glad he was okay. This was not something we had planned for but he is our little dude and any pet is a serious life long commitment, one that I highly recommend!