Finding Orion

Orion Saving Sunny Dog Adoption Louisville Kentucky


I am not at all surprised that I spend most of my waking hours around animals. I work with them, I live with them and I spend most of my free time fighting for them. Even the hours I spend sleeping I have an 8-pound ball of fur curled up under my chin. The reason I am not surprised is because when I was a kid I didn’t have imaginary friends, I had imaginary dogs. I also had real dogs but I guess that wasn’t enough. Little Emily wanted all the dogs. I guess some things never change. I remember one imaginary dog friend was a yellow lab named Darlin. After fostering a yellow lab puppy I wondered what the hell I was thinking, then again I ate Play-Doh so I probably wasn’t thinking much.

The non-imaginary dog I am introducing ya’ll to this week is Orion! Orion is a 2-3 year old neutered male that is currently in foster with Saving Sunny and looking for a forever home. Orion came from a shelter and previously had a broken rear leg that was repaired. His foster mom says this does not slow him down though.

Orion would be a great addition to a family that already has a dog. His foster parents have other dogs and Orion gets along great with them! He can be energetic and loves to play but would also be a chill dude to hangout with and take to a coffee shop. The great thing about adopting a foster dog (besides saving a life!) is the foster parents have already done all the dirty work. Orion is housebroken, knows sit, stay, and down. If you would like more information on Orion or to set up a time to meet him you can email