Hot for Bunz

Allison Meyers Bunz Burger Review Share Louisville



Let me tell you a secret about all the foodies I know including myself. We keep a list of local area eateries and restaurants that we want to try. And it's a bit embarrassing when one of our friends have been to a place that we haven't. Truth be told I hate it. 

This recently happened to me when I was having a conversation with a friend about the best burgers in Louisville. He mentioned Bunz Burgerz as one of his favorites. Bunz has been on my list to try for a while but I just ended that extra kick in the "Bunz" to get me through the door. 

On National Hamburger Day, I decided it was the perfect day to take my first trip to Bunz. I took an early lunch with a friend to avoid the crowd and scope out the space.

Bunz is one of the places that you right look right past. It's a place that might even be too small for Guy Fieri on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives to visit. The decor is a mix of a small diner and a bit of funky, alternative flare. I was a bit bothered by the disarray but keep telling myself the food will be worth it. Also, it reminded me of walking up to a food truck. There's one grill master, a grill, four high top tables, a few window seats and a couple of tables outside. Space is limited. So be aware, you might be waiting awhile and a seat might not be available. No worries if not, you can take your Bunz to go. 

What Bunz lacks in space and decor it makes up for it in its burgers -- big time.

Let’s talk about the menu. It isn’t expansive but it’s everything you need. Burger, fries and shakes oh my! Pricing ranges for Single Bunz at $4 to $8 for the Signature Gourmet Bunz. All the burgers are fresh certified Angus ¼ lb. beef patties.

Don’t feel like Angus? No problem -- Bunz has a variety of options including veggie, bison, turkey, grilled chicken, salmon and even portobello if you’d like. You can build your own with several different toppings available. 

Sides for your Bunz include regular fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings and cheezy bacon friez, ranging in price from about $2 to $4. And for your sweet tooth, they have amazing gourmet shakes.

Pro tip: The first time I go anywhere I always try their signature dishes and take a friend so I can try double the entrees and sides. 

Allison Meyers Bunz Burger Review Share Louisville

Bunz signature burgers are the Baxter Ave Bunz (a double burger, fried egg, cheddar cheese, bacon, onion with Bunz sauce) and the Lexington Roadhouse Bunz (a single burger, cheddar cheese, pepper-jack cheese, onion ring, and BBQ sauce). My friend and I ordered one of each along with sweet potato fries and onion rings to share. Take note that was a lot of food for the two of us. 

Being the meat eater that I am, I tried the massive Baxter Ave Bunz first. My first though was, "Mmmm, that's a tasty burger!" to quote Samuel Jackson. It was packed with flavor from the combination of the bacon, fried egg, cheddar and special sauce. The only downside it was a bit salty for my taste but it didn’t stop me for devouring it. 

The Lexington Roadhouse Bunz was equally as delicious. The sweet and savory flavors from the BBQ sauce, cheese and the onion ring were the perfect match. And the not-so-secret behind Bunz yummy goodness is the buttery toasted bun. It’s pure perfection. No wonder they call the place Bunz. 

The sweet potato fries had the right amount of crispiness. They weren’t soggy like fries can get and I enjoyed the crinkled texture. Ask for honey to dip them in and it takes the fries to the next level. So good. 

But the surprise of the day were the onion rings. The red rings which you can’t find many places were phenomenal. My friend and I started fighting over them. An onion ring that you can bite into without the entire onion sliding out, has a great flavor and is crispy as well -- gold in my book. And the dipping sauce was a delicious complement. 

What I loved about my experience at Bunz is that everything is cooked to order and is so fresh. Next time I think I’ll try building my own for a little less heavy option. 

Bottom line is this foodie is hot for Bunz and suggest you take your bunz for your next burger fix. 

Bunz is located at 969 Baxter Ave. Louisville, Ky., 502.632.1132.