Eat. Love. Louisville.

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“People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Julia Child

This has to be one of my favorite quotes, which will probably give you a sense of my priorities in life. My best friends are those who love food as much as I do.

I’m happy to share with you my passion for food on Share Louisville! I love living, cycling and eating in our beautiful city of Louisville, Kentucky.

Any given day there's something you can learn about the place you live that you didn't know before. My goal is to uncover those things, especially the ones related to the food scene.

Louisville is truly a foodie’s paradise. We have an impressive amount of local top-notch restaurants, cafes and dives. Food excites and inspires me, and I find myself more excited and inspired with the discovery of another must try place.

My food philosophy: Food that's fresh and local is best. I believe that food worth eating should taste delicious and nourish your body. I don’t believe in deprivation or eliminating any food group. If I want macaroni and cheese, I will eat a proper portion and savor every bite.

Dining out should be an experience and event. And yes, I’m the obnoxious person who won’t let anyone touch her food until I get an Instagram picture of it first. A good meal is meant to be shared, and how can I share it if there is no proof?

I’m an Instagram fanatic. My feed is my visual blog. It’s a great representation of my loves (family, friends, cycling, fashion, food and Louisville) and shows what I’m up to, what I like, what I’m eating and where I’m traveling. 

Some of my favorite things to do in Louisville include running and walking at The Parklands of Floyd's Fork, attending boot camp classes at HomeFit and cycling the Louisville Loop. I'm training for my second century ride for Bike to Beat Cancer. It's a charity event near and dear to my heart. And I've got to burn off those calories from my food adventures somehow.

If you see me out, please stop by and say hello. Smiles and hugs are free. And I give both.

When you bring people together at one table and feed them well, there are always things that they can agree on. In some small way, I want to help others find happiness and harmony in food.

I write about my adventures in consuming and living. I hope my journey inspires you – to eat, to live and to Share Louisville!