Wonderful WonderFest


Fandomfest. Derby City Comic Con. Wizard World Louisville. They're all babies compared to the one that came before them all-


25 years ago, a few local geeks (a term I use with the greatest sense of endearment) decided to build a beacon to their Sci-Fi obsessed brethren, an annual gathering time and place for those knocked out by stop motion special effects, fantasy literature, comic books and the like.

Over the years, the show brought to town the likes of Ray Harryhausen, George Romero, trailblazers in their field. A place where giants walked with men, told their stories, signed their autographs. A place of nothing less than worship for the fans who put their heroes where they were.

Are there bigger conventions? In terms of attendance and "star power," yes. 

In terms of true reverence for those who built the figurative bridges so widely traversed in Pop Culture today? In terms of time and tradition? 

In terms of heart? 

WonderFest is the King of them all.

Wonderfest 25 is this weekend at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. You can meet prop designers from things like the original Star Trek and Jaws. No cast members of The Walking Dead are scheduled to appear.