Saving Isis


I am thrilled to have the opportunity to write for Share Louisville and I thought how hard could it be? I get to write about my two favorite things – my city that I love and the animals in it. Once I actually sat down to write my first post I realized I haven’t done any formal writing since college, unless dating website bios and Facebook statuses count. After a few Google searches and a couple deep breaths this is what I’ve come up with.

My name is Emily and I have worked for Louisville Metro Animal Services for almost four years now.  I consider myself very lucky to have found my calling in life so young. When I was 20 I graduated with a degree in veterinary sciences on a Monday night and started fulltime that Wednesday. Since then my house has been a revolving door for animals that are old, sick, slightly combative, or have one foot in the grave. My dog and cats are not always happy with my foster choices but they have learned to adapt and are always good sports about sharing their home.

I recently started volunteering for an organization called Saving Sunny. They are doing amazing things for the animals in our community, take for instance – Isis. The day Isis came into Metro Animal Services is a day I will never forget. Dispatch called over the radio to have vet staff prepare for animal control officers bringing in a group of Pit Bulls that had been confiscated from what was believed to be a fighting ring. Twenty minutes later I was helping unload two litters of puppies, the two moms, and two male dogs. 

One in particular caught my eye – a tan and white female with a horrible crop job on her ears, over 100 scars, and her tail between her legs. Upon further medical examination we found deep wounds under both armpits and what appeared to be duck tape residue around her mouth. I didn’t even realize I was crying until my supervisor pulled me aside and I asked if I was okay. From that moment on that dog had my heart. For the duration of her stay at Metro, which was over a year, I spent my lunch breaks taking her into the play yard and trying to make her time at the shelter as pleasant as possible.

The day Saving Sunny pulled Isis I cried like a little baby. It was a long wait due to the owner having to go to court and Metro not being able to place the dogs into homes or find rescue commitments until everything was finished on the legal end, but it was the best possible outcome for Isis. They worked with her and helped rehabilitate her into a structured and loving environment, one she was definitely not used to given her past. Isis is now a happy and healthy dog available for adoption. Isis cohabitates well with dogs and cats, but might do best being the only lady dog around, it just has to be the right match. To set up a time to meet Isis you can fill out the adoption application on the Saving Sunny website, or email!  There are also volunteer and foster opportunities if you wan to get involved but not able to have a dog!