From Rocko In Louisville

Your parents give you a name, but they're just projecting their own hopes and expectations upon you, before you even exist. They have no idea who you are. Your friends nickname you because they know exactly who you are, who you've turned out to be after the world has had its way with you a bit.


I'm Rocko Jerome. My life is anything but modern. We've possibly met somewhere, at a store or a party or on the street. I'm usually up to something, some new project. Just trying to have some fun and make something worthy of existing, seeing what I can get away with. I like to think of myself as an "enthusiast." Enthusiastic about life, about art, about ideas.


Being a part of Share Louisville is the latest thing, the greatest thing. You love this city? So do we. Here's what Louisville is like, thanks to its most famous daughter and sons: Ali. Jennifer Lawrence. Hunter S. Thompson. We're talking no bullshit people who tell it like it is, know how to have a good time, and have souls big enough to fill the ocean.


Me? I'm pretty gregarious. If I like you, I like you a lot. I always say I'm from Louisville, I never say I'm from Kentucky. I've been around, but this big small town is my home. It's in my DNA, my heartbeat, my footsteps. It fits my yin/yang mix of ambition and almost clinical laid back calm. You can lay back in the cut in Louisville, Louisville will let you ride for cheap or free.


The seasons change here, and make you feel it. It's good for you. Spring pollen will help you build character, as surely as scraping that winter ice. Some people say hello to you on the streets, even if they've never seen you before in their lives. If you're friends with a friend, you're a friend.


Sometimes I know where things are in the city because they're next to or replaced things that used to be, but no longer are. Showcase Cinemas. ear-x-tacy. Hawley Cooke. C's Records. Blue Moon Records. The Red Lounge. How many more? They all had contributions to the story of me, just as perhaps they did in the story of you.


Louisville is the city that I love, it's the city that made me who I am. I'm a salesman, I'm a traveler, I'm an amateur therapist, I'm a brother to many brothers from other mothers and a brother to a couple of sisters from other misters. You can love me or you can leave me alone. I've lived many lives, previously. Right now, I'm a writer.